In the beginning of Coex BOPP flexible packaging 1979, the only way to measure shelf life of dry crackers and snacks was the moisture gain of the sealed package under tropical conditions. 38 C, 98 RH.

As expected the shelf life of BOPP was less than 30 % of the one with PVDC Coated Cellophane, but by applying melted wax on the BOPP sealed areas we were able to reach and improve the shelf life against Cellophane.

Then the science of Hermetic Sealed package was born, and the only way to be sure we complying it on production lines was the Vacuum chamber or Fish Thanks Bubbles. If you tried to do a professional developments it will require a 1 million dollar lab equipment and a least 3 PhDs dedicated personnel.
Advantages of doing this packaging test system are:

  • Improve actual shelf life without modifying the packaging cost.
  • Reducing weight of packaging with improved shelf life.
  • Optimize actual converting processes cost without losing shelf life
  • Reduce drastically barrier cost on packaging and make it 100% recyclable.

Now a days a professional lab equipment required to reach hermetic seals and improved sustainable packaging shelf life, with detailed procedures and experienced support will cost you less than a 70K dollars.

I will start this Full Solutions Laboratory with Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltdas as part of the crisis technology change required by the packaging industry.

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me.