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Dangerous Vegetables packaging ignorance


After 35 years of working with the largest world producers of fresh produce to develop the actual flexible packaging used around the world, it was scary to find a salad bag with Ammonia smell before expiring date. My initial reaction was to take the product back and return it, but considering that we are on a critical situation due to Corona Virus Government 4 weeks brake decide to analyze the bottom of the problem and share it to the brand producers. The root reasons this is coming out of control are: Nobody respect patents because there are more machines to [...]

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Sustainable Shelf life Improvements


In the beginning of Coex BOPP flexible packaging 1979, the only way to measure shelf life of dry crackers and snacks was the moisture gain of the sealed package under tropical conditions. 38 C, 98 RH. As expected the shelf life of BOPP was less than 30 % of the one with PVDC Coated Cellophane, but by applying melted wax on the BOPP sealed areas we were able to reach and improve the shelf life against Cellophane. Then the science of Hermetic Sealed package was born, and the only way to be sure we complying it on production lines was [...]

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Diplomado en Empaque

CENTRO ABRE ofrece el Diplomado en Ingeniería y Manufactura de Empaques dirigido a todas las personas que deseen especializarse en temas de empaque y embalaje.

El diplomado se conforma por 11 módulos e imparte en el Centro ABRE, en Monterrey, N.L.




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