Packaging and Predictive Maintenance


Navigating in the post-pandemic reality. PMMI – The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies – has conducted a major piece of research into predictive maintenance as it relates to the packaging and processing industries. The purpose of this work is to show how predictive maintenance can be applied to the unique needs of packaging and processing machinery; as well as to educate our colleagues across the industry on how predictive maintenance really works, what it really means, and what it can do for their businesses. Predictive maintenance, our definition: The basic idea behind predictive maintenance is to monitor a machine, [...]

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McKinsey on Packaging in the next normal


Navigating in the post-pandemic reality. In our 2019 report No ordinary disruption: Winning with new models in packaging 2030, we outlined five major trends that we expect to “change the game” in the $900 billion packaging industry, thereby raising the bar for performance over the next five to ten years: Sustainability requirements increasing at every step of the value chain, along with rising activist scrutiny E-commerce everywhere with intense focus on increased packaging requirements, including for new products, along with last-mile delivery innovations Changing consumer preferences with demand for much more personalization, convenience, health, and affordability, driving stock keeping unit [...]

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E-Commerce Packing in Asia: How Accelerating Growth is Transforming Packing


The e-commerce market continues to grow, outstripping the more traditional channels. Online sales of certain products received an unprecedented boost from COVID-19’s shutdown of much of the retail industry, compelling consumers to undertake more shopping via the internet. The number of people shopping online is expected to grow further, a process likely to be accelerated by COVID-19’s impact upon the global retailing industry. Packaging manufacturers must therefore develop and tailor their products more specifically towards e-commerce applications, taking account of trends such as customer behavior and attitudes, sustainability, appearance, logistics, and more. DESCARGAR

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Sustainable Packing


Nestlé’s Vision for Packaging Sustainability.  Our long term vision • None of our packaging ends up in landfill or as litter Our commitments for 2025 • 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable • We will reduce our use of virgin plastics by 33% Our packaging sustainability journey • April 2018 - Launched global commitment on recycling and reusable packaging for 2025 • September 2019 - Inaugurated Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences DESCARGAR

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Plástico reciclado en contacto con Alimentos


El éxito comercial de los plásticos en aplicaciones de contacto alimentario se debe a su excelente versatilidad, como resultado de combinar sus diversas propiedades: flexibilidad, resistencia, ligereza, transparencia, estabilidad, impermeabilidad, etc. DESCARGAR

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Optimize your packaging waste


Optimize your packaging waste with Amazon’s Frustration-Free packaging. The boom of e-commerce has implied an exponential increase of commercial shipping worldwide. For companies, whose success depends on the quality of these deliveries, protecting their goods during the distribution cycle has become a priority. During a product’s transportation and storage, the package is the only thing protecting the product. This is the reason why there is an entire industry built around packaging research, whose purpose is to find the right protection for goods. Descargar

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Diplomado en Empaque

CENTRO ABRE ofrece el Diplomado en Ingeniería y Manufactura de Empaques dirigido a todas las personas que deseen especializarse en temas de empaque y embalaje.

El diplomado se conforma por 11 módulos e imparte en el Centro ABRE, en Monterrey, N.L.




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