Navigating in the post-pandemic reality.

In our 2019 report No ordinary disruption: Winning with new models in packaging 2030, we outlined five major trends that we expect to “change the game” in the $900 billion packaging industry, thereby raising the bar for performance over the next five to ten years:

  • Sustainability requirements increasing at every step of the value chain, along with rising activist scrutiny
  • E-commerce everywhere with intense focus on increased packaging requirements, including for new products, along with last-mile delivery innovations
  • Changing consumer preferences with demand for much more personalization, convenience, health, and affordability, driving stock keeping unit (SKU) proliferation to new heights
  • Margin compression for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers and retailers, with pressure passed back up the line to converters
  • Digitization/Internet of Things (IoT) to drive down costs and, increasingly through the decade, gain a competitive edge with consumers