McKinsey on Packaging in the next normal


Navigating in the post-pandemic reality. In our 2019 report No ordinary disruption: Winning with new models in packaging 2030, we outlined five major trends that we expect to “change the game” in the $900 billion packaging industry, thereby raising the bar for performance over the next five to ten years: Sustainability requirements increasing at every step of the value chain, along with rising activist scrutiny E-commerce everywhere with intense focus on increased packaging requirements, including for new products, along with last-mile delivery innovations Changing consumer preferences with demand for much more personalization, convenience, health, and affordability, driving stock keeping unit [...]

McKinsey on Packaging in the next normal2021-09-12T15:55:34-06:00

E-Commerce Packing in Asia: How Accelerating Growth is Transforming Packing


The e-commerce market continues to grow, outstripping the more traditional channels. Online sales of certain products received an unprecedented boost from COVID-19’s shutdown of much of the retail industry, compelling consumers to undertake more shopping via the internet. The number of people shopping online is expected to grow further, a process likely to be accelerated by COVID-19’s impact upon the global retailing industry. Packaging manufacturers must therefore develop and tailor their products more specifically towards e-commerce applications, taking account of trends such as customer behavior and attitudes, sustainability, appearance, logistics, and more. DESCARGAR

E-Commerce Packing in Asia: How Accelerating Growth is Transforming Packing2021-09-12T15:46:37-06:00

Diplomado en Empaque

CENTRO ABRE ofrece el Diplomado en Ingeniería y Manufactura de Empaques dirigido a todas las personas que deseen especializarse en temas de empaque y embalaje.

El diplomado se conforma por 11 módulos e imparte en el Centro ABRE, en Monterrey, N.L.




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